Embroidering the Old Spanish Trail (OST)

Saturday Afternoon Gallery Talks with artist Laurel Gibson and Guests:

    hh121Saturday, November 5, 2 pm: "Early Automobiles in San Antonio," by Hugh Hemphill, Manager of the Texas Transportation Museum in San Antonio and Vice-President of T Fords of Texas.  Hemphill is the author of "The Railroads of San Antonio and South Central Texas," published by Maverick Publishing (2006), which tells the story of the seven original railroads that  served San Antonio and the many local towns in the region. His second book, "San Antonio Wheels" (2010), covers all other forms of transportation, from wagons and stage coaches through bicycles, street cars, automobiles, trucks and buses. He moved to Texas from Scotland in 1991.

    Charlotte_TravisSaturday, December 3, 2 pm: In "Women Beautify the Old Spanish Trail,” OST historian Charlotte Travis, PhD, takes us back in time to San Antonio of the 1920s and channels art maven Mrs. Drought. Drought led the Beautification Committee, precursor to the San Antonio Conservation Society, charged with beautifying the Old Spanish Trail Auto Highway as it wended its way through San Antonio. Among other things, they took down billboards, widened its road bed and placed stone markers all along the trail. Travis, who retired from SAISD,is the wife of architect L. K. Travis, who had an office on Fredericksburg Road, which is how she became interested in the OST.

    Webpg1Saturday, December 10, 2 pm: "The Player Piano: Preserving Music on Paper," by John Talbot, owner of Ragtime Southwest, a full-service piano conversion company.  Talbot has been repairing, refurbishing, tuning, and converting old pianos into players since 1996.