Golden-Vistas-Poster_WEB_2GOLDEN VISTAS

Recent Works by Golden Artists & Writers of the Bihl Haus GO! Arts Program

Welcome to Golden Vistas, where creativity and imagination merge with art, community and wellness!  Golden Vistas is comprised of four simultaneous exhibits–at the Dolph Brisco Library (opens July 11, 4-6 pm), the Alicia Treviño López Senor One-Stop (opens July 7, 10am-Noon), the Elvira Cisneros Senior Center (opens July 17, 1-3pm), and finally at Casitas de Villa Corona Senior Apartments (opens Sept. 4, 10am-Noon)—of more than 400 paintings, drawings, poetry and prose produced by the Goldens enrolled in the Bihl Haus GO! Arts Program over the past year.

The exhibit at the Briscoe Library is open through Aug. 14. Exhibits continue through December at the Lopez Center (8353 Culebra Rd.) and Cisneros Center (517 SW Military Dr.).  They are open to the public and can be viewed between 7 am and 4 pm weekdays. The work of each artist is accompanied by a wall panel that includes a photograph of the artist and one work of art plus a brief biography and artist’s statement.

ABOUT GO! ARTS: Since Bihl Haus Arts introduced the GO! Arts Program seven years ago, we have witnessed what can only be called the healing power of art!  People who never thought they could paint are today budding Maestros and Maestras.  Those who had been on 30, 40, 50 year sabbaticals from art-making have re-immersed themselves in the world of canvas and brushes, paper and pen.  The healing benefits of our program are documented in the study conducted by Drs. Jill Fleuriet (UTSA) and Adelita Cantu (UTHSCSA), published in the international peer-reviewed journal Arts and Health (June 2012).

The proof of the benefits of our program is documented in the artworks on the walls of the Briscoe Library, the Lopez and Cisneros Centers, and Casitas de Villa Corona and in the individual wallpanels that accompnay every set of artworks by each Golden artist. Many of the brief autobiographies of our Goldens will bring tears to your eyes and love to your heart.  The artwork will not only amaze you but, we hope, motivate you to start exploring your own every broadening vista.

Bihl Haus Arts is open Fridays and Saturdays, 1-4 pm to the public. Admission is free.  Bihl Haus Arts,  located at Primrose at Monticello Park Apartments, is the only non-profit professional art gallery on the premises of 100% senior affordable housing in the U.S.  Bihl Haus Arts sponsors include the City of San Antonio Department of Culture and Creative Development; WellMed Charitable Foundation and WellMed Medical Group; Genevieve and Ward Orsinger Foundation; Shield-Ayres Foundation; Granada Homes Apartments, Casitas de Villa Corona and Primrose.