During this time of self-isolation Bihl Haus Arts continues to provide programs for older adults through our GO! Arts program and to veterans who are experiencing depression or are clinically or self-diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) through our Forward Arts! program. The facilities where we normally teach may have closed, but our teachers have adapted and are now providing online instruction through one-on-one conversations with students (online or by telephone) and teaching videos.

Recognizing the importance of this ongoing connection, we are now looking to expand the program, so that even after the teaching centers re-open, we will be able to serve students who have lost mobility or have other factors that prevent them attending classes in-person.

Isolation is a serious health-risk for older adults, increasing healing time from injuries and illness and contributing to cognitive decline. Help us fulfill our mission of “Creating Community Through the Arts” no matter the obstacles.

Drawing Lemons with Jill: A sample GO! Arts Online Class

Artwork Created by Our Art Students in Response to the Pandemic

Created While Sheltering at Home