Jan. 27, 2 pmThe Role of Artists in Contemporary India, panel discussion by Fulbright recipients Prasanta Mukherjee and Ella Mukherjee, of India; Roland Mazuca, Executive Director, Askew; Fulbright recipient Robert Langston, Art Director, The Keystone School; Fulbright-Hays recipient Dr. Sharon Colangelo, Humanities Professor, Northwest Vista College; and Fulbright recipient Dr. Anne Hardgrove, Associate Professor, UTSA Dept. of History. Co-sponsored by Humanities Texas and private donations.

Feb. 23 & 24: Ramon Vasquez y Sanchez, Native American activist and curator of Olvidate del Alamo, on the myth of the Alamo as depicted in film and text.

Mar. 6, 5:30-8:30 pm: Olvidate del Alamo closing reception and poetry reading by Jesse Cardona, Juan Perez, Juan Ramon Sanchez, Andrea Greimel and Crystal.

Mar. 31, 2-4 pm: Reading by Xavier Garza from his books Creepy Creatures and Other Cucuys and Juan and the Chupacabras.

June 23, 2 pm: Gallery Talk by artists Xavier Garza, MFA, and Luis Valderas, MFA, San Antonio High School art teachers.

Aug. 4, 2 pm: Dramatic reading by Chinai J. Hardy of excerpts from the play Crowns.

July 21, 2 pm: reading by Ramin Samandari in Farsi and English of poetry by Persian poet Rumi.

June 15, 6:00 pm: Trinidad Sanchez, Jr. Memorial Birthday Poetry Bash! organized by Regina Chavez y Sanchez and Andrea Greimel, with readings by Jessse Cardona, Darrell Pittman, Kenneth Trevino, Sherry Shaw, Ramon Vasquez, Trey Moore, Frank Mendoza, Antoinette Franklin, Carl Lahser, P.C. McKinnon, Josie Mixon, Juan Manuel Perez, and Roberto Garcia.

Dec. 1, 2 pm: Gallery Talk by David Alcantar and Albert Alvarez.