Sat., Mar. 4, 2 pm: “Fred Reads,” an intergenerational reading by the Yong Poets Society at the Young Women’s Leadership Academy and the Bihl Haus GO! Arts Golden Writers in celebration of Women’s History Month, with teachers Michelle Grajeda (YWLA) and Jim LaVilla-Havelin (BHA).

Sun., Mar. 5, 4 pm: “Fred Sings,” On & Off Fred closing reception and celebration of Women’s History Month, featuring Nina Rodriguez (percussion) and Azul Barrientos (vocals), with George Prado (bass) and Aaron Prado (keyboard).

Sat., Apr. 1, 2 pm: Gallery Talk with sculptor Naomi Wanjiku.

Thur., May 4, 5-8 pm: Bihl Haus celebrates the BIG Give featuring BIG George Prado on his BIG Bass with Aaron Prado on keyboards, BIG BIrd cocktails, BIG meatball sandwiches and BIG surprises.

Sun., May 21, 2 pm: Panel discussion with “Cuerpo Cubano/Cuban Body” artists Adrian Rumbaut and Camilo Villalvilla and Guest Curator Liam Nodal Rodriguez, moderated by Prof. Andrea O’Reilly Herrera (UC, Colorado Springs).

Sat., June 3, 2 pm: Reading by Cuban American poet Jo Reyes-Boitel.

Sat., June 24, 2 pm: Gallery talk on Cuba/US history by Prof. Catherine Komisaruk (UTSA)

Sat., Sept. 9, 2pm: Reading by Jim LaVilla-Havelin from his 5th book of poetry West, Poems of a Place (Wngs, 2017)

Tuesday, Oct 3, 2pm: National Night Out at Bihl Haus, Stop by Bihl Haus to make a quick painting, with instruction provided by Elizabeth Rodriguez, and meet your neighbors in honor of National Night Out. Food will also be available.

Saturday, Nov 4, 2pmThree Docs in a Box: Creative Aging Panel. Join Dr. Adelita G. Cantu, RN, Dr. K. Jill Fleuriet and Dr. Kellen Kee McIntyre as they discuss creative aging and the movement that is starting to sweep the county!

Sat., Nov. 11, 2 pm: Curated reading by the Bihl Haus Golden Writers, featuring Barbara Barnett, Shirley Gaede, Mike Norris (Instructors Martha K. Grant and Victoria Garcia-Zapata & Barbara Renaud Gonzalez at District 10 Senior Center); Charles Woodruff, Sara Parsons, Eddie Sanchez (Instructors Bonnie Lyons & Victoria Garcia-Zapata at Alicia Trevino Lopez Senior Center); Lawrence Mathis, David Plylar, Marilyn Keene, Nick Gray (Instructor Tom Keene at District 10 Senior Center); and Gloria O’Neill, Evelyn Schneider, Robin Gara (Instuctor Jim LaVilla-Havelin at Bihl Haus Arts)