The Docents are the heart and soul of Bihl Haus Arts. They are also the ‘face’ of Bihl Haus to the public. During gallery hours, the Docents meet and greet visitors. At exhibition openings and special events, they sign in guests, host food and beverage tables, and help with setup, breakdown and clean-up. Without them, there would be no Bihl Haus Arts. That’s how important they are!

The Bihl Haus Arts Docent Program began as a way to allow the public access to the gallery during regular gallery hours. The word “docent” comes from the Latin verb “docent,” meaning to teach, to take care of, or to conduct. This word has come to mean anyone associated with volunteer educational services in an arts organization. The Bihl Haus Docent Program grew as more needs revealed themselves. Today, our Docents are a vital link between what is displayed in the gallery and how visitors respond to what they see.

Docents serve as ambassadors-at-large for the entire Bihl Haus Arts organization and are crucial in making it better and stronger. The Head Docent serves as a full voting member of the Bihl Haus Board and is the liaison between the Board and the Docents and Goldens who participate in the GO! Arts Program. As a result, this program has grown by listening intently to its Docents.

Our Docents are active artists in their own right–they must be enrolled in at least one GO! Arts class to participate. They inspire and support one another and encourage others to become involved with the arts. We at Bihl Haus Arts love every single Docent who has ever come through our doors and remember with great affection those who have taken to their final journeys.

Bihl Haus Golden Doecents